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12 Inch (CL1279)

12" (CL1279) Launch

Since inception, our clients have requested larger diameter pipe to meet operational and infrastructure demands. After 10 years of business across North America, CORE Linepipe Inc. (“CORE”) is excited to announce the release of 12-inch CORE Liner®.

CL1279 boasts all of the product benefits of our legacy product series (4” to 8”) while enhancing volume capacity, pipeline reliability, and operational efficiency. CORE has been delivering our CORE Liner® products to the industry since 2014. To date, CORE has never had an operational release.


With a decade of operational excellence and a track record of zero operational releases, CORE Linepipe Inc. provides unparalleled reliability, ensuring uninterrupted performance and peace of mind for your pipeline projects.

Corrosion Resistant

CORE Liner is a pipe-in-pipe system engineered to deliver unmatched corrosion resistance, safeguarding your infrastructure against the harshest environments and extending its lifespan significantly.

Modular Assembly

CORE Linepipe®’s project involvement starts with the manufacturing process, where we produce a robust corrosion resistant pipeline system that includes:

• ClickWeld® Mechanical Joints
• A factory installed internal high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner
• Integral Electrofusion joining system

Dual Containment

CORE Liner® introduces a corrosion-resistant pipe-in-pipe system, merging the high-pressure capacity of steel with the unparalleled corrosion resistance of plastics. The outer steel pipe, accompanied by a pre-installed inner HDPE liner, offers true dual containment, providing comprehensive protection against both internal and external corrosion, from flange to flange.

Zero Welding Required

ClickWeld® is the innovative proprietary mechanical joining system of CORE Linepipe®. The ClickWeld® system uses high grade carbon steel components to form a connection that is gas and liquid-tight, eliminating the need for field welding.

Improved Project Economics

We’ve taken an innovative approach to pipeline manufacturing while streamlining the installation process and delivering significant savings in capital and operating expenses. No environmental releases over hundreds of projects throughout North America since 2014 and a competitive total installed cost has allowed CORE to grow with our clients through challenging market conditions and demonstrate our approach works.


Experience and expertise lie at the core of our latest innovation, the CL1279 product. At CORE Linepipe, we take immense pride in the valuable lessons learned from our extensive operating history. The manufacturing and field processes behind CL1279 are a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Each step of the production and installation journey has been meticulously refined, drawing upon the knowledge gained from years of successfully delivering pipeline solutions across North America.

With CL1279, you can be assured that you are investing in a product that embodies the culmination of our learnings, offering unrivaled performance, reliability, and efficiency for your pipeline projects. Trust CORE Linepipe to bring you the very best in pipeline technology, backed by years of experience and a dedication to excellence.

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What people say about us
  • CORE Linepipe has proven to be an excellent product to work with. The installation process is efficient and streamlined with experienced oversight by CORE Linepipe representatives. It has been rewarding to work with CORE Linepipe and their team.

    Chad L. Underwood
    Assistant Vice President | Northwind of Wyoming
  • Over the last 6 years, Purnell has had the pleasure of working with CORE Linepipe and has been successful in installing sizable lengths in the Grande Prairie area for various clients.


    Nathan Purnell
    President & CEO | Purnell Energy Services